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Ensuring Safety in Crane Truck Hire Operations: Tips and Guidelines 

June 2023

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Crane truck hire operations can be dangerous if not conducted safely and correctly. Accidents can cause serious injuries or even fatalities, as well as significant damage to property and equipment. That's why it's crucial to ensure that all crane truck hire operations are conducted in strict compliance with regulations and standards, with a focus on safety at all times.  

In this article, we will explore tips and guidelines for ensuring safety in crane truck hire operations, from understanding the risks involved to implementing safety measures and following best practices during operations. Whether you're a crane truck hire company or a client looking to hire a crane, these tips and guidelines will help you to ensure safe and efficient operations and protect the well-being of workers and the public. 

Understanding the Risks Involved in Crane Truck Hire Operations  

Types of Risks 

Crane truck hire operations involve various types of risks, which can result in severe injury or property damage. These risks include: 

  • Overloading:  

Overloading the crane truck beyond its capacity can cause the truck to tip over, leading to serious accidents. 

  • Collisions:  

Crane truck hire operations may involve working in congested areas, and collisions with other vehicles or objects can cause severe injuries. 

  • Electrocution:  

Operating a crane truck near power lines or in proximity to electrical sources can result in electrocution. 

  • Structural Failure:  

Failure of crane components such as hoists, cables, or hooks can cause accidents, leading to severe injury or property damage. 


Causes of Accidents 

Causes of accidents in crane truck hire operations Several factors can contribute to accidents during crane truck hire operations. These include: 

  • Lack of Proper Training:  

Inadequate or improper training of crane truck operators can lead to accidents. 

  • Negligence:  

Carelessness or negligence on the part of crane truck operators or other workers on the job site can result in accidents. 

  • Poor Maintenance:  

Neglecting to maintain the crane truck, including regular inspections and repairs, can lead to accidents. 

  • Improper Use of Equipment:  

Misusing the crane truck or equipment, including failure to follow operating procedures or manufacturer's instructions, can cause accidents. 


Safety Measures to be Taken Before Starting Crane Truck Hire Operations  

  • Inspection of the Crane Truck  

Before starting crane truck hire operations, it is crucial to inspect the crane truck thoroughly to ensure that it is in good working condition. The inspection should include checking for any visible damages or defects, testing the brakes, ensuring that all controls are functioning correctly, and checking the condition of the tires. Any identified issues should be addressed before starting the operation. 

  • Proper Selection of the Crane Truck  

Selecting the right crane truck for the job is crucial to ensure that the operation is carried out safely and efficiently. Factors such as the weight of the load, the height of the lift, and the job site's terrain should be considered when selecting the crane truck. It is essential to choose a crane truck that can handle the load capacity and the reach required for the job. 

  • Verification of Crane Truck Operator's License and Experience  

Only licensed and experienced crane truck operators should be allowed to operate the crane truck. Before starting the operation, it is crucial to verify the operator's license and experience to ensure that they are qualified to operate the crane truck. This can be done by checking their license, training certificates, and work experience. 

  • Ensuring the Crane Truck is Equipped with Proper Safety Features  

The crane truck should be equipped with appropriate safety features, such as load limiters, emergency stop buttons, and alarms, to ensure safe operations. The crane truck should also be equipped with correct lighting and reflectors to increase visibility in low-light conditions. 


Safety Guidelines During Crane Truck Hire Operations


  • Operating Procedures to be Followed During Crane Truck Hire Operations  

Following correct operating procedures is crucial during crane truck hire operations. The operator should be trained in the correct crane operation techniques and adhere to all safety procedures. This includes the appropriate use of crane controls, the correct of safety equipment, and following the appropriate lifting and rigging techniques. 

  • Safety Precautions to be Taken When Lifting Loads  

When lifting loads, several safety precautions should be taken to prevent accidents. The load weight and center of gravity should be properly calculated, and the crane's lifting capacity should be sufficient to handle the load. The load should be secured properly with appropriate rigging techniques, and the load should be lifted smoothly and slowly to prevent swinging. 

  • Precautions to be Taken During Loading and Unloading of Materials  

Loading and unloading materials require special attention to safety. The crane truck should be parked on a stable surface, and the load should be evenly distributed on the truck bed. When unloading, the crane truck should be positioned on level ground, and the load should be lifted smoothly and slowly to prevent the load from tipping over. 

  • Guidelines for Working in Proximity to Power Lines  

Working near power lines can be hazardous during crane truck hire operations. Proper safety guidelines should be followed, including maintaining a safe distance from power lines, using non-conductive rigging equipment, and using ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) for electrical tools. A safety observer should also be present to monitor the crane truck's distance from power lines. 


Ensuring Compliance with Regulations and Standards 


In Australia, the crane truck hire industry is subject to various regulations and standards designed to ensure safe operations. These include the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act and Regulations, the Australian Standards for cranes and lifting equipment, and state-based occupational health and safety laws. 

To ensure compliance with regulations and standards, crane truck hire companies must have a comprehensive understanding of the relevant laws and regulations. They should also have policies and procedures in place to ensure that all operations are conducted in accordance with these regulations and standards. This includes conducting regular inspections and maintenance of crane trucks, providing appropriate training to operators and other workers, and maintaining accurate records of all operations and maintenance activities. 

Companies should also ensure that their crane trucks meet the Australian Standards for cranes and lifting equipment. This includes ensuring that the trucks are equipped with the necessary safety features, such as overload protection devices and emergency stop systems, and that all lifting equipment is properly rated and maintained. 


The Benefits of Working with a Professional Crane Truck Hire Company 

At Scope Cranes & Logistics, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our clients and their operations. Our crane hire services are conducted in strict accordance with all relevant regulations and standards, and we have policies and procedures in place to ensure safe and efficient operations. Our crane trucks are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that they meet the highest standards of safety and reliability. With experienced and fully licensed operators, state-of-the-art equipment, and a commitment to safety and quality, you can trust Scope Cranes & Logistics for all your crane hire needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help ensure the safety and success of your operations. 

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