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October 2021

Hiring a Crane Truck to Move a 450kg Industrial Sewing Machine [customer story]

Sewing machine unloaded

Secondly, be mindful of what might happen when you drop or lift up something - do not leave tools or other things lying around where they could fall over and injure someone during transit.

Thirdly, make sure that the floor can hold up under the load and weight of all these items, and that there are no weak points in the floor.

Lastly, be careful not to scratch or scrape any walls or columns as this could cause damage that will require repairs later down the line.

Clearly, a job like this is no walk in the park.

Thanks to our well-trained, experienced staff, we have perfected the art of moving heavy items and have consequently solidified our position as the preferred supplier for hiring a crane truck for the most unique and challenging needs.

Industrial sewing machines are enormous pieces of equipment.

Often weighing upwards of 450 kilograms, the machines are cumbersome, heavy pieces of machinery that are not easily moved. So, what exactly is needed when moving an industrial sewing machine?

The pre-arranged job called for a crane truck to load, transport, and unload the sewing machine. The Scope Cranes team was punctual, and our delivery was prompt and efficient, though that's not to say the job was easy.

Unloading proved to be a challenge as it was inside a narrow hallway, but with a little bit of patience and knowledge of rigging practices, the Scope Cranes team managed to remove the machine from its tight confines.

Our trusty operator adjusted his rigging and placed it in the small confines without damaging the machine or surroundings. And even though this project proved to be challenging, we were able to complete it without mishap - just as we have been doing for over three decades.

We are able to lift just about anything that is not attached to the floor, making our services available to virtually any industry.

We've lifted everything from helicopters to tree branches and know the importance of preparation and safety in every job.

That's why so many companies trust us to relocate or lift their heavy equipment - because they know it will be done safely, quickly, and correctly the first time around.

If you're looking for a crane and rigging company that gets the job done right, then get in touch.

Moving an industrial sewing machine with a crane truck is not as simple as it sounds. A few weeks ago, we received an enquiry to move a large industrial sewing machine from one part of a warehouse to another.

Picking up and moving industrial sewing machines is a challenging job, and the team at Scope Cranes knows this better than most.

There are a few things to remember before starting a job such as this. First off, make sure that your doorways are wide enough and clear of any obstructions so that the crane can get through without damaging anything on either side of the doorway.

Sewing machine loaded
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