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Speeding Up Construction with the Help of Crane Truck Hire Services


July 2023

As the demand for faster and more efficient construction grows, industry professionals are continuously seeking innovative solutions to streamline their operations and meet tight deadlines. 

Here is where crane truck hire services come in - as the game-changers that are revolutionising the construction landscape. These specialised services offer a versatile and time-saving approach to handling heavy lifting tasks, making them an indispensable asset for construction companies of all sizes. 

What are Crane Trucks? 

Crane trucks, also known as truck-mounted cranes or mobile cranes, are specialised vehicles designed to lift, move, and place heavy objects with precision. They combine the mobility and versatility of trucks with the lifting capacity of cranes, making them valuable assets in various industries, especially construction and infrastructure development. 

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Advantages of Hiring a Crane Truck for Construction Projects  

1) Quick Setup and Dismantling of Crane Trucks 

One of the significant advantages of hiring crane trucks for construction projects is the rapid setup and dismantling process. Unlike traditional static cranes, which require time-consuming assembly and disassembly, crane trucks are mounted on trucks and can be mobilised quickly to the construction site. 


2) Streamlined Material Handling and Transportation 

Efficient material handling is critical in construction projects to ensure a smooth workflow and timely completion. Crane trucks excel in streamlining material handling and transportation tasks, thanks to their mobility and lifting capabilities. They can easily pick up heavy loads from ground level or storage areas, eliminating the need for manual labour and reducing the risk of injuries associated with manual lifting. 


3) Cost-Effectiveness  

Scope Cranes offer a cost-effective solution. Instead of committing to massive capital expenditure on purchasing a crane, construction companies can opt for crane truck hire on an as-needed basis. 

Furthermore, the responsibility for crane maintenance and repairs lies with the crane truck hire provider. This eliminates the need for in-house maintenance teams and reduces the company's exposure to unexpected repair expenses. By choosing crane truck hire, construction companies can access high-quality lifting equipment without the burden of long-term ownership costs. 


4) Accessibility  

Scope Cranes offer construction companies access to a diverse fleet of crane trucks with varying sizes and lifting capacities. Different construction projects have unique lifting requirements based on the weight and dimensions of the loads being lifted. Having a range of crane options allows construction companies to select the most suitable crane truck for each project. 

For smaller projects that require precise and nimble lifting, compact crane trucks with lower lifting capacities are ideal. On the other hand, large-scale projects that involve lifting heavy materials or equipment may require larger and more powerful crane trucks. By providing a selection of crane sizes and capacities, Scope Cranes ensure that construction companies can match the equipment to the specific demands of each project, optimising efficiency and safety. 


5) Adaptability 

One of the key advantages of crane truck hire services is the adaptability of crane trucks to various construction sites and terrains. Construction projects can take place in diverse environments, from urban cityscapes to remote rural areas. Traditional static cranes may face limitations in accessing and manoeuvring through challenging terrains, hindering construction progress and increasing setup time. 

However, crane trucks are designed with mobility in mind. Equipped with sturdy tires and powerful engines, they can navigate through rough and uneven terrains, such as construction sites with unpaved roads or uneven ground. 


What Tasks Do Crane Trucks Specialise In? 

A few tasks that crane trucks can assist with include: 

  • Lifting and Placing Heavy Materials (e.g. concrete slabs and beams, prefabricated components, structural steel and trusses) 

  • Roofing and Building Installation (e.g. installing roofing materials, raising walls and support structures) 

  • Tree Removal and Landscaping (e.g. safe and efficient tree removal, placement of large outdoor structures) 


Safety Considerations and Regulations 

Safety is paramount in construction projects, especially when using heavy equipment like crane trucks. Proper training and certification for crane truck operators are crucial to ensure that the equipment is operated safely and efficiently. Certified operators have undergone specialised training that equips them with the knowledge and skills needed to handle crane trucks, understand load capacities, and execute lifting operations with precision. 

A trained operator can assess potential risks, implement safety protocols, and respond to unexpected situations during crane operations. They are well-versed in conducting pre-operational inspections to ensure that the crane truck is in optimal working condition. Employing certified operators minimises the risk of accidents and protects both construction workers and the public from potential harm. 


Choosing the Right Crane Truck Hire Service Provider  

Scope Cranes and Logistics is your trusted partner in crane truck hire services, offering top-notch solutions for your construction needs. As you embark on your construction project, selecting the right crane truck hire service provider is paramount to ensure safety, efficiency, and seamless operations. Our fleet is meticulously maintained, with regular inspections conducted to guarantee optimal performance and safety. 

Our skilled team of technicians ensures that each crane truck is in pristine condition before deployment, minimising the risk of unexpected breakdowns and ensuring uninterrupted workflow at your construction site. Contact Scope Cranes and Logistics today, and let us elevate your construction project to new heights! 

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