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May 2021

How To Choose The Right Crane Truck Hire In Brisbane 

How do you know which crane truck is right for your job? There are a few different factors that you must consider before you hire, let us go through them below!


  • Check your load weight- A heavier load requires a more capable crane. This will often be called the Crane’s Rated Capacity. If you’re transporting a lighter load, consider hiring a smaller crane truck as this will reduce the overall costs of your project.
  • Lift height- The length of the crane will depend on how high you need to lift your materials. Also, consider that the further the boom extends the less weight it can lift.
  • Horizontal moving distance- This comes down to two factors: 1. How far your boom arm has to move horizontally to pick up the load and 2. The location of your lift. Are there any telephone lines, electricity cables near your lift? Are there buildings or railways nearby?
  • Site Access- Is your site on a narrow street or have you ease of access? Can the truck fit into the site? Are there any rules or regulation that must be followed in your work area?
  • Site terrain- Is your site situated on rough, rocky, uneven ground or is it on flat land or a road? Consider whether you need an all-terrain crane truck.
  • Expertise- The company should offer a team of operators, dogmen and riggers with the relevant expertise and training required to carry out your lift. A team of highly skilled professionals will eliminate any risks that come with lifting and transporting heavy materials.
  • Maintenance- Safety is the main consideration with any lift. Have the cranes been properly maintained? Make sure you have proof of maintenance and make sure the company’s fleet has a crane safe maintenance inspection carried out annually!

We hope you have found this article useful in your hunt to find the right crane truck hire for your project. For more information on our fleet of crane trucks for hire, speak to one of our professionals today on (07) 38652705.

How to choose the right crane truck to hire

Moving large objects from your construction site is not as straightforward as it seems. There are several factors to consider from the size and weight of the object to its transportation and your expected timeframe. There are a range of different types of cranes to choose from depending on your task at hand. These vary from Franna Cranes to All-terrain Cranes and include the Hiab and Palfinger crane trucks. You also need to consider what each company offers and how they cater to your specific needs! In this guide, you’ll learn about the different models of Crane Truck for hire and their variety of uses to help you choose the right crane truck for your needs.

Crane Trucks come in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on their uses and the terrain they need to tackle; we will take a brief look at the different types below:


  • Truck Mounted - Mainly consist of a hydraulic boom mounted to a truck with rubber wheels, they provide all the functions of a crane but can be moved easily across roads and highways. They can also be used to transport goods.
  • Knuckle Boom - These Crane Trucks are designed to lift loads and handle and deliver materials through a variety of different attachments. They are designed to be lightweight and highly manoeuvrable to allow for a maximum payload while still operating in tight spaces. Knuckle boom cranes are great for lifting goods from point to point, but due to the size and placement of the crane, they’re also great at transporting larger loads.
  • All-Terrain Crane Trucks - Can transport and lift goods across all terrains, from rough and rocky building sites across highways and built-up streets.

Types of Crane Trucks

Crane Truck Hire is extremely popular in Brisbane, you’re likely to spot one on every major construction site. They consist of a portable boom crane that has been mounted to an industrial truck, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are a very capable piece of machinery. Due to their design, they can carry out both heavy lifting and heavy haulage jobs with ease.

What are they used for?

Crane Trucks are used for a variety of jobs in residential, civil, and commercial construction. They are commonly used to lift and transport concrete beams, steel, pipes and tanks but they have also been used to move spas and statues in backyards and even mobile phone antennas!


Due to their size and components, Crane Trucks have several advantages:

  • They have excellent site accessibility, they are small, but they can still lift heavy loads.
  • They make material transport easy as they don’t need a secondary machine for the transport and loading of goods.
  • Despite their size, they are built to withstand and hold heavy goods.
  • They can be used for heavy haulage.
  • They take less time to set up than freestanding machines, which can save your project both time and money.
  • Their ease of transport allows you to move them from job to job quickly and efficiently.

What is a Crane Truck?

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