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September 2021

Koala Supervises Crane Truck Installing Home Sewage Treatment Plant

Koala supervises installation of HSTP with hired crane truck
Koala supervises installation of HSTP with hired crane truck

So, how did we start?

Well, firstly let's take a step back…

Before we started digging, we needed to ensure all of our utilities were in place. Once this had been checked, council sign-off on all of our proposed excavation work that was needed to ensure the area we were digging did not contain any sewers, water mains or gas mains. After this had been confirmed with council, we were good to go!

To begin this project, a Scope Cranes Engineer called our client to discuss the job. Next up was the placement. To install an HSTP, we needed to ensure there was enough space for our crane truck. We did this by checking the measurements and placing where we could. We also do this with high tension cable so it is not in between or under any of our equipment as this would damage those utilities you don't want damaged!

Next was to start digging out for the pit, which again followed our Engineer's recommendations as well as council requirements.

The place was then carefully excavated to allow just enough depth for us to work in but not so much that it left huge holes around the site, again following all council requirements. Next up, the timing of placement.

Our client explained that they wanted the crane to deliver their HSTP on a day when there would be no disruptions, be it wind, pedestrians, or any surprises. So, it was carefully planned and we were given the go-ahead.

The day before, our Engineer visited the site to double-check all measurements, get a good idea of what to expect the following morning, and mark out any obstructions that would need to be moved.

What we didn't anticipate was an unusual spectator – a koala in the tree adjacent. This was a bonus.

With the koala watching our work, the job was completed without a hitch. We picked and placed an HTSP as directed and to an extremely high standard. The client was extremely happy and we're very proud of the Scope Cranes' team's hard effort and dedication getting this job done so well.

It really is a privilege when given the opportunity to do our best work in such beautiful locations.

If you have a project that requires us to bring in heavy equipment, don't hesitate to get in touch.

The Scope Cranes team is used to surprising circumstances popping up while working on our crane truck hire projects. It's just part of the job.

Recently, a client required the delivery and placement of an HSTP – Home Sewage Treatment Plant. We were contracted because of our heavy lift and transport capabilities.

A Home Sewage Treatment Plant is a tank that is installed in a home or building which provides treatment to sewage before it's discharged to the main sewage line. This unit has been chosen as an option for those homes with limited space and those not connected to a city main.

The installation of a HSTP can be tricky due to the increased constraints in comparison to a regular sewage installation. This has meant that in the past it was necessary for site-specific task planning to be done before they could be installed, however, with advancements in machinery and machinery placement this is no longer the case.

Delivering and placing an HSTP is no easy feat, though thanks to Scope Cranes' reputation as a preferred supplier, we had the right tools for the job. And, thanks to our depth of experience and expertise, the service we provided was both punctual and efficient.

Koala supervises installation of HSTP with hire crane truck lifting heavy load
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