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August 2021

Hiring A Crane Truck To Transport A Helicopter Tail Boom

Helicopter tail unloaded with hired crane truck
Helicopter tail loading with hired crane truck

We were requested to transport the tail boom section of a helicopter from the maintenance facility hangar to a spray booth around the other side of the airport. We knew this would not be a small job, and would take a huge amount of strategising and planning to successfully deliver it. Thankfully, the client we were working with was extremely organised, communicative and approachable from the onset and throughout.

To transport the tail boom section, our client had hired a crane truck to load and unload the massive piece of equipment, given the client did not have access to one themselves. Thanks to our client’s forward thinking, the crane truck was organised well in advance.

What happened next?

Some people say they love their work as no two days are the same. And, when it comes to our work, this certainly rings true.

Every day the Scope Cranes team is thrust into a new project, projects of every size, shape and urgency you could possibly imagine. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Recently, we found ourselves undertaking an incredibly interesting task, one that certainly required our years of knowledge and expertise to deliver it.

The day of the job, the Scope Cranes team arrived onsite and set up the truck beside the tail boom. This in itself was a tricky procedure. Due to its fragile nature, the client had identified a lifting point; and positioned a soft sling ready to go. Once again, we can’t thank the client enough for their organisation.

We often find ourselves in tough situations at work, and this job was no different. Given how complex the operation was, and how delicate we had to be with the tail boom section, it was important the team stayed focused, communicated with each other and worked slowly. When we lifted the tail boom, the centre of gravity was in front of the lift point; so we balanced it manually for the duration of the loading process.

Thanks to the solid work of our skilled team, the job went off without a hitch, and the client was incredibly happy and grateful with our work. Ensuring our client was not just satisfied, but delighted with the job was extremely important.

Working with the same clients again and again is pivotal to Scope Cranes’ success, and also benefits the client, as they know our capabilities and, as such, rely on us with confidence to complete tasks safely and efficiently.

We like to make sure every job is handled with care, integrity and expertise. We’re proud to say, much like every other job we work on, the transportation of the tail boom was carried out professionally. In fact, on-site contacts made the effort to let us know they were very impressed with our operator; his demeanour, his interpersonal skills, and attention to detail were exemplary.

We’ve worked for many years perfecting our craft, expertise and skill set so that when you come to us with a job, you know it will be completed promptly and efficiently.

Helicopter skids loaded onto hired crane truck

So, what was the project?

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