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Managing Risks in Mobile Crane Hire: The Responsibilities of All Parties

August 2023

Mobile crane operations are a complex task that requires seamless coordination, strict adherence to safety protocols, and the shared commitment of all parties involved. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the responsibilities and roles that businesses, mobile crane suppliers, mobile crane operators, and clients (also known as PCBUs) play in ensuring the safety and success of every crane operation. 

The Role of the Crane Hirer  

The crane hire company holds a pivotal position as the provider of crucial resources and expertise. It's their duty to ensure that clients receive not just a crane, but a comprehensive package that encompasses safety, efficiency, and professionalism. From equipment readiness to operator qualifications, the crane hire company is tasked with facilitating a seamless operation that aligns with industry best practices and regulatory standards. 

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Under the WHS legislation, PCBUs shoulder significant responsibilities when it comes to mobile crane operations. It's their duty to ensure that the crane is operated without risks to the health and safety of any person. PCBUs retain the overall duty, even when they contractingcontract others to carry out specific tasks. This duty cannot be transferred via contract or agreement. The PCBU should have relevant documentation readily available on-site, including pre-operation activities and ongoing crane maintenance records. 


Clients (PCBUs) and Their Vital Contribution: 

Clients who hire a mobile crane are pivotal in ensuring the operation's success. Their core responsibilities include providing accurate site information, assessing ground conditions, and coordinating with the crane hire company. Clients must ensure the site is prepared for safe crane setup and operation. Close scrutiny is essential when engaging high-risk work licence holders, such as mobile crane operators, doggers, and riggers. 


Mobile Crane Suppliers:  

Mobile crane suppliers are tasked with several crucial responsibilities. They must ensure that only individuals with appropriate high-risk work (HRW) licences operate the crane. Design and item registration, operator training, maintenance, and adherence to the manufacturer's operating manual are all under their purview. The mobile crane supplier plays a key role in providing safety-related information to PCBUs to ensure the right crane is supplied. 


Mobile Crane Operators:  

Mobile crane operators are the linchpin of crane operations, responsible for ensuring safe and diligent operation. If an operator believes a lift may be unsafe, they must not proceed until the risks have been managed. They must possess a deep understanding of the mobile crane's model, characteristics, limits, and load charts. Operators are accountable for planning lifts, conducting inspections, and ensuring safe crane operation at all times. 


Coordinated Efforts for Safety:  

Effective communication and collaboration are paramount. Clients, mobile crane operators, and other PCBUs involved in the lift must work together to ensure the appropriate crane is supplied, the site is ready, and lifting activities are coordinated. Approvals for crane operations, supervision of HRWL holders, and strict adherence to manufacturer's recommendations are all part of this collaborative effort. 


The Professionals: Scope Cranes and Logistics 

At Scope Cranes and Logistics, we not only acknowledge the importance of risk management but also actively implement comprehensive strategies to ensure safety and success in every mobile crane hire operation. Our dedication to excellence has propelled us to the forefront of the industry, making us your trusted partner for all your crane needs. 

Our commitment to transparent communication and collaboration establishes a strong foundation for successful outcomes, while our focus on risk assessment and management guarantees a secure working environment for all stakeholders. Contact us today to explore how we can make your next project a resounding triumph in safety and efficiency. Your vision is our mission – let's build it together, safely. 

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