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The Cost of Crane Hire in Brisbane: What You Need to Know to Get a Fair Deal

October 2023

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Whether you're overseeing a construction project, facilitating heavy equipment transportation, or in need of precise heavy lifting, the right crane can make all the difference. However, as you begin to explore the world of crane hire in Brisbane, the question looms: what is the cost of crane hire, and how can you ensure you're getting a fair deal? 


Types of Cranes and Their Uses  

When it comes to crane hire in Brisbane, our services offer a diverse range of crane types to cater to your project's unique needs. Our extensive crane hire fleet includes the following options:


  • Hiab XS 244 Truck Mounted Crane Hire: Known for its reliability and versatility, the Hiab XS 244 is ideal for a wide range of lifting tasks, making it a popular choice in construction, logistics, and manufacturing.

  • Palfinger 26002 Truck Mounted Crane Hire: The Palfinger 26002 is recognised for its exceptional reach and precision. It is commonly used in industries such as building construction and material handling. 

  • Hiab XS 377 Truck Mounted Crane Hire: This crane is celebrated for its heavy lifting capabilities and is frequently employed in the transportation and installation of heavy machinery and equipment. 

  • Hiab XS 422 Truck Mounted Crane Hire: With its extended reach and robust design, the Hiab XS 422 is a dependable choice for tasks requiring both strength and precision, such as infrastructure and energy projects. 

  • Demag AC50-1 50T Crane Hire: Offering a 50-tonne capacity, the Demag AC50-1 is well-suited for a variety of construction applications, including building erection and structural steel placement. 

  • Liebherr 1090/4 90T Crane Hire: The Liebherr 1090/4, with its 90-tonne lifting capacity, is a versatile crane often used in the oil and gas industry, plant maintenance, and steel erection. 

  • Liebherr 1100/2 100T Crane Hire: This heavy-duty crane is capable of lifting up to 100 tonnes, making it indispensable for large-scale projects such as power station construction and port operations. 

  • Terex 25t Franna Hire: The Terex 25t Franna is a dependable pick for projects that require on-site mobility and quick setup, commonly found in industries like utilities and infrastructure development. 

  • Terex 20T Franna Hire: With a 20-tonne capacity, the Terex 20T Franna is suitable for projects that demand both lifting power and manoeuvrability, frequently seen in the construction of bridges and roadworks. 


Factors Affecting Crane Hire Costs  

  • Location and Accessibility 

The project site's location impacts costs due to factors like urban congestion or remote transport challenges, and site accessibility can lead to increased rates due to setup complexities, making it important to consider these when calculating crane hire expenses. 

  • Duration of Hire 

The length of crane hires influences pricing, with short-term hires often having higher hourly rates and long-term hires offering cost-effective daily or weekly rates; efficient scheduling reduces idle time and contributes to cost control in crane operations. 

  • Crane Size and Capacity 

Crane size and lifting capacity play a significant role in determining costs, as larger cranes generally come with higher rental rates; choosing the right crane size is essential to avoid unnecessary expenses and ensure efficient lifting capabilities for a project. 

  • Wet Hire vs Dry Hire  

In a wet hire arrangement, you not only rent the equipment but also the operator or driver who operates the equipment. At Scope Cranes, all our cranes are available for wet hire, meaning that whenever you hire one of our cranes, you’ll have a skilled and ticketed operator working to your exact specifications. 


  • Operator Expertise and Certification:  

Hiring certified and skilled operators is vital for safety and efficiency, with operator expertise potentially affecting pricing by ensuring smooth operations and minimising costly accidents and delays, making it an investment in cost-effective crane operations. 

  • Assessing Project Size and Site 

Determining the appropriate crane for your construction project hinges on two crucial factors: the project's scale and the dimensions of the site. The condition of the project site and its ground conditions are equally essential in making informed crane selections. For example, smaller projects, such as low-rise buildings or houses, which involve lightweight materials such as timber or bricks require a small crane. 


Reliable Crane Hire in Brisbane 

Here at Scope Cranes & Logistics, we have a range of impeccably maintained vehicles to help you move and lift heavy items on your project site. From forklifts and trucks to cranes capable of lifting 150 tonnes, we know we have what your project needs. Regular machinery we hire out includes crane truck hire, Franna hire and all terrain crane hire. So, if you need something lifted or shifted, we have the right machines for you! Contact Scope Cranes & Logistics today! 

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