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January 2023

What is a Crane Dogman and Do You Need One?

A Crane Dogman is an important part of the construction industry as they help manage the risks associated with cargo handling, such as preventing items from falling out of a lifted load or coming into contact with overhead power lines. In this article, we will outline what exactly a crane dogman is and their specific role when working with cranes.  


What is a Crane Dogman?  

A Crane Dogman is a specialist in the operation and maintenance of cranes. They are responsible for the safe and efficient use of these large machines, which can be used to move, lift, or hold heavy objects. The role requires a great deal of skill and knowledge, as well as many safety protocols that must be followed at all times.   


According to SafeWork Australia, dogging work involves exercising judgement (making decisions) when 

-selecting appropriate slinging methods and lifting gear by:  

  • considering load size and shape  

  • determining load weight (it is mass) and centre of gravity, and  

-inspecting lifting gear like chains, slings, ropes, cables and hooks used to attach loads to the plant & equipment to ensure it is not defective.  

-directing a plant operator in the movement of a load when the load is out of the plant operator’s view by communicating with the plant operator using hand signals, whistles or two-way radios.  

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Do I Have to Hire a Dogman?  

Crane Dogmen are extremely knowledgeable in the use of specialized lifting equipment, and they are responsible for setting up and operating cranes under all conditions. They need to be aware of potential safety risks, as well as the procedures necessary to ensure a safe work environment. All these tasks require dedication and precision, as even minor errors can lead to serious accidents or injuries.  

Because of this, there are only a handful of circumstances where a dogman isn’t required on site.   

For Example:  

an excavator configured to lift loads is used to place pipes in a deep trench. The lifting gear has been specifically chosen by an engineer to lift pipes which are all of a similar size and weight, therefore no judgment is required by the person slinging the pipes. The pipes cannot be seen by the excavator operator when they are being placed in the trench.  

In this instance:   

a dogger is required because the plant operator cannot see the load throughout the lift and a dogger must be used to direct them.  


Who Can Be a Dogman?  

To be a qualified dogman, you must hold a Dogging HRW Licence to carry out work. Dogging work can also be carried out by licensed riggers, who must complete the Dogging Unit of Competency to get their rigging HRW license, which allows them to legally undertake dogging work.  

Here at Scope Cranes, our operators are all extensively trained as drivers and dogmen and are aware of all relevant safety procedures and practices involved in working within construction sites. Our team is tight-knit, enthusiastic and driven to put the energy back into lifting.  

Contact Scope Cranes & Logistics today and rest assured knowing that your needs are met by our team of reliable professionals.  

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