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June 2021

Which Crane Hire Truck is Best for Commercial Construction in Brisbane?

Crane Trucks are highly popular and you’ll see one at most construction sites across Brisbane, including commercial construction sites. Thanks to their size and how they’re built, Crane Trucks have a few key advantages when it comes to commercial construction. Firstly, they are small but can lift big loads. They also make moving material easy as they don’t require a second machine to help transport goods. Crane Trucks also take less time to set up than freestanding machines, saving you both time and money. They can also be moved from job site to job site quickly and efficiently.

Why Use a Crane Truck?

There are several types of cranes available, but not all cranes will be the best option for commercial use. You also need to consider the company you’re hiring from a crane truck from and how they might be able to cater to your needs. Crane Trucks come in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on their uses and the terrain they need to tackle. Below are a few of the most common:

  • Vehicle Loading Crane: Mainly consist of a hydraulic boom mounted to a truck with rubber wheels. Truck mounted cranes provide all the functions of a crane, but can be moved easily across roads and highways. These types of cranes can also be used to transport goods.

  • Knuckle Boom Crane Truck: These cranes are designed to lift loads as well as handle and deliver materials through a variety of different attachments. They are designed to be lightweight and highly manoeuvrable to allow for a maximum payload while still operating in tight spaces. These types of cranes are great for lifting goods from point to point. Due to the size and placement of Knuckle Boom cranes, they are also ideal for transporting larger loads.

  • All-Terrain Cranes: All-terrain cranes can transport and lift goods across all terrains, from rough and rocky building sites across highways and built-up streets from one position.

Every construction job in Brisbane has different requirements and also needs different types of cranes. It can be hard to know which crane you need because there are a few factors to consider when hiring a crane, such as the size and weight of objects you need to move and the size of your construction space. When it comes to commercial construction in Brisbane, there are specific crane trucks which are right for the job, so which ones are best? Let’s take a look.

When it comes to commercial construction, some crane trucks are better than others. For example, when you’re moving product from the manufacturer to the site for installation, moving large pipes and valves, materials, concrete pits or redoing water and sewerage systems for commercial sites, crane trucks are best. Depending on the exact type of commercial construction you’re doing, there are a few different factors that you must consider before you hire a crane truck such as:

  • The load weight: A heavier load requires a more capable crane. If you’re transporting a lighter load, consider hiring a smaller crane truck as this will reduce the overall costs of your project.
  • Lift height: The length of the crane will depend on how high you need to lift your materials.
  • Horizontal moving distance: This comes down to two factors: 1. How far your boom arm has to move horizontally to pick up the load and 2. The location of your lift.
  • Site Access: Is your site on a narrow street or do you have ease of access? Can the truck fit into the site?
  • Site terrain: Is your site situated on rough, rocky, uneven ground or is it on flat land or a road?

All-Terrain cranes are self-propelled pieces of equipment that have the ability to travel on public roads as well as rough terrain areas such as unpaved surfaces and construction sites. These cranes can handle any job thrown at them, from jobs that require a specialised lift on an uneven surface through to high-risk city sites.

The Best Crane Hire Truck for Commercial Construction

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