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July 2021

Hiring a Crane Truck To Move A Stone Bench Saw

scopescranes crane truck hire Stone saw low clearance
Stone saw minimal roof clearance scopecranes crane hire

We allocated one of our larger crane trucks which has the capacity to lift the machine; and a 6.7m long tray for transport. Understanding the time pressures of the job, we moved a couple of non-critical jobs onto other crane trucks to accommodate this. The requirement was that the machine was out by the end of the week; so we completed the job on Thursday. If we know we can push harder, we do exactly that.

Overcoming challenges

Every construction job and every crane truck hire is different, each requires its own unique planning, processes and solutions. At Scope Cranes, we know this better than most. That’s why whenever we get asked to complete a new job, we like to spend time speaking to our client, understanding their wants, needs and expectations so we choose the right crane truck, and making sure that before we begin, we’ve fully briefed our team.

Recently, our client contacted us with a request to remove a 6.2mx3m stone bench saw weighing 6.5t from a shed, and install in another shed at another location an hour’s drive away. Time was critical as he had purchased the saw; and the owner of the shed needed it moved out so that the building could be repurposed.

It was a complex job, with a few unforeseen challenges along the way. We had to reshuffle some jobs around, work against the clock and deal with some unforeseen hurdles. Though, thanks to the hardworking Scope Cranes team, we got the job done, and not just done, we finished the job early with smiling clients, what else could you really want from your crane truck hire?

Our operator’s first challenge was the height of the shed, and the height of the tray of the crane truck. As it turned out, there was an extremely limited head height for the crane, consequently, the lifting slings had to be shortened considerably to allow enough lift height to land it on the crane truck. The machine had to be lifted and repositioned under the highest point in the shed, and the crane truck then relocated to be able to load the machine.

The second challenge was to do with the length of the machine, which was 500mm longer than we were informed. This meant, our operator had to ensure the machine was the right way around to squeeze it onto his tray. Though, this wasn’t the last challenge of the job.

Our third and final challenge was the delivery, and tight is an understatement. Our operator had to poke it under a roof, on a raised floor with barely enough room for the machine, let alone crane over the top.

Despite these challenges, we got the job done, and had some very satisfied clients. The job was done safely, and in a timely manner. And, our efficient operator kept costs down. Though, most importantly, our client was extremely happy with the results, and in the end, that’s what really matters.

Thanks to our reliability, attention to detail and ability to get difficult jobs done safely we were actually recommended to our client by an existing client. If there’s one thing we’re extremely proud of at Scope Cranes it’s the way our business is continually growing through word of mouth. We’re constantly receiving calls and emails via recommendations from a friend-of-a-friend. If nothing else, this truly proves how hard our team works to keep clients happy, and always ensure smooth operations when hiring a crane truck.

scopecranes hiring crane truck hire move stone bench saw

So, how did we do it?

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