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February 2023

Why Hiring a Mobile Crane is More Popular Than a Tower Crane

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When it comesto heavy lifting in the construction industry, cranes are a crucial piece ofequipment. With a variety of crane options available, two of the most commonlyused types are mobile cranes and tower cranes. While both have their own uniqueadvantages, mobilecranes have become increasingly popular due to theirversatility, cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and speed

In thisarticle, we'll dive deeper into why mobile cranes have surpassed tower cranesin popularity and explore the key differences between the two types of cranes.Whether you're in the construction industry or simply curious about the worldof heavy lifting, this article will provide you with a comprehensiveunderstanding of the reasons behind the popularity of mobile cranes. 

What is The Difference Between a Mobile Crane and a Tower Crane

A mobile crane and a tower crane are both heavy-duty equipments used in construction, but they have distinct differences:

  • Mobility

As the name suggests, mobile cranes are equipped with wheels or tracks and can be easily moved from one location to another, whereas tower cranes are typically anchored to the ground and cannot be moved once they are assembled.


  • Structure

Mobile cranes have a hydraulic or telescopic boom that can be extended and angled to lift heavy loads, whereas tower cranes have a fixed tower structure and a horizontal jib that extends out from the top.


  • Lifting capacity

Tower cranes generally have a higher lifting capacity compared to mobile cranes due to their taller structure and larger size.


  • Reach

Tower cranes have a longer reach compared to mobile cranes, making them better suited for tall buildings or structures with a large footprint.


  • Cost

Mobile cranes are typically less expensive to purchase or rent compared to tower cranes, but tower cranes can be more cost-effective for larger projects due to their higher lifting capacity and longer reach.


  • Setup and Maintenance

Mobile cranes can be set up and taken down quickly, but tower cranes require more time and effort for assembly and disassembly. On the other hand, tower cranes require less maintenance compared to mobile cranes as they have fewer moving parts.


Ultimately, the choice between a mobile crane and a tower crane depends on the specific requirements of each construction project.


Why Are Mobile Cranes More Popular Than Towing Cranes?

There are several reasons why mobile cranes are more popular than tower cranes:


Mobile cranes can be easily moved to different job sites, making them more versatile for various construction projects.


Mobile cranes are typically less expensive to rent or purchase than tower cranes, making them a more cost-effective option for many construction companies.

Ease of Use

Mobile cranes are easier to operate and require less specialized training, which makes them more accessible to a wider range of construction workers.


Mobile cranes can be set up and taken down faster than tower cranes, allowing construction projects to proceed more quickly.

Space Requirements

Mobile cranes take up less space on a job site compared to tower cranes, making them a better option in crowded urban areas where space is limited.


However, tower cranes have their advantages, such as higher lifting capacity and greater stability, so the choice between a mobile crane or a tower crane often comes down to the specific requirements of each construction project.


How Do I Know Which Crane Is More Suited to My Project?

To determine the most suitable crane for your project, consider factors such as load capacity, reach, site conditions, load stability, project duration, and budget. Ensure that the crane you choose has the appropriate load capacity for the weight of your load, the reach to cover your height and distance requirements, and is suitable for your site conditions. 

To ensure that the crane meets all your project requirements and is within your budget, get in touch today by giving us a call or filling out our online form to pick a reliable mobile crane hire company.

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